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Report: To Sign A Contract Extension, Marvin Lewis Wants Indoor Practice Facility

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We had always assumed that one of the greater hurdles with the Bengals hoping to get head coach Marvin Lewis signed to a contract beyond this season is that Lewis' demand to have greater control over the team's personnel decisions. Or, if not him, someone else that can make those decisions -- ala, General Manager. While it's true, as far as we know, Lewis has a say in the matter. It's also true that Mike Brown, as owner and President, has the final word.

However, rest assured, having greater power or a general manager isn't the only thing.

According to James Walker, one issue is Lewis' demand for an indoor practice facility close to Paul Brown Stadium.

I'm also hearing an indoor practice facility appears to be one point of contention between Bengals ownership and head coach Marvin Lewis. It's no secret that it gets very cold in Ohio during the winter, and the Bengals' only options are to practice outside in inclement weather or travel approximately 20 miles each way to a training complex in Mason, Ohio. Usually these bus trips, which can be even more challenging during rush-hour traffic, happen late in the season when the stakes are the highest. Lewis also has one year left on his contract and spoke at the NFL combine about making sure the proper things are in place to maintain a winning culture.