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Antwan Odom: "Don't Lose Faith In Me"

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Reports surfaced on Thursday that Antwan Odom was facing a four-game suspension for "violating the league's steroids policy."

Antwan Odom would go on to release a statement asking for patience until the process works itself out.

“Just know that I would never cheat to gain an edge in this game that I love. Don’t lose your faith in me and please don’t pass judgement based on vicious rumors until all the facts are known. Thank you for all your support I really need it now.”

The report on a steroid violation is being claimed as a false accusation, though he did admit to for testing "positive for a banned substance." After suffering a virus that he suffered during training camp, losing 20 pounds, Odom gained it back before the regular season. He played a significant number of snaps late in the preseason, working towards getting back into shape.

Odom was the team's premiere pass rusher, recording a team-high eight quarterback sacks and 12 quarterback pressures, still ranking second on the team even though he missed the final 10 games of the season due to an Achilles injury against the Texans that prematurely ended his season.