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Bengals Running Back Brian Leonard Returns To Practice

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When Brian Leonard injured his foot against the Dallas Cowboys during the Hall of Fame game in early August, it was believed to be a "significant" injury, even causing Leonard to worry that it could be a season-ender, if not career-ending. Reports would later surface that his injury didn't turn out to be as significant and that he'd definitely play this year. Some suspected his return coming at the end of September.

Fortunately, his recovery is quicker than originally expected.

“We felt last week that I would try to come back and practice today,” Leonard said. “I felt pretty good today and we’ll see how it is coming together. I got a great tape job and I’m feeling good right now.”

According to Joe Reedy, Leonard is questionable to play against the New England Patriots. However, one could argue that the fact he's already questionable during the first week is a great sign that the Bengals will have their best third-down running back, back in the rotation.