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Chad Ochocinco To Host WWE Raw On Monday

If you were to check out a lineup of Bengals players that could possibly be on WWE Raw, which player would you pick? Carson Palmer? Not a chance. Andrew Whitworth? He looks the role, doesn't he? What about Rey Maualuga, Jonathan Fanene and Domata Peko becoming the Samoan Skullbashers? That would be kind of a neat; wild hair, tattoos and a bunch of spinning kicks and headbutts.

The truth is, when someone asks you a question of what player doing something off the field, most likely you're thinking of the Bengals player that has his own cereal, aren't you?

And your instincts wouldn't fail you now.

According to WWE's website, Chad Ochocinco will host RAW this Monday night when the WWE invades Cincinnati. No word on if he's going to wrestle.

Would it surprise anyone if Hines Ward comes out, bashes Chad in the back of the head with a steal chair? Just as he jumps out of the ring, explosions take place near the entrance with Slayer's Reigning Blood pumping out riffs of menace and destruction.

"No, no. It's him. He's come for retribution!"

Keith Rivers slowly walks down the ramp while the crowd goes crazy. Ward looks to his left, his right, points his finger and slides back into the ring only to find Chad Ochocinco's boot crush Ward in the gut, giving him the Ochodriver (a form of the pile driver). Rivers and Chad stand in the middle of the ring and the ballistic crowd drives synchronized shouts of Who Dey.

Now that would be badass.