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Daniel Coats Could Be Odd Man Out: Team Looking For A Fullback Leaves The Question Of Who Goes

Here's an interesting idea. Daniel Coats could be cut sooner rather than later; if one suspected that Coats may not last throughout the season.

The Bengals are actively looking for a fullback, even inviting that crazy helmet bashing on forehead fullback Owen Schmitt this Tuesday. Considering the search for a fullback isn't to replace a position already on the roster, or generally finding improvements on the practice squad with Schmitt being in the mix (who would be ineligible) already holding up residence on the eight-man scout team, the Bengals will need to free up a roster spot on the 53-man roster.

And in truth, there's only two areas they could address.

At first, I thought about Frostee Rucker, who made the team because the Bengals took nine defensive linemen; it's likely that he'd be the first lineman cut if the Bengals elect to keep only eight defensive linemen. However, with Jonathan Fanene dealing with a hamstring issue, Robert Geathers missing four preseason games due to injury and Antwan Odom in the appeals process for violating the league's substance policy, the team needs Rucker as an insurance policy. And in truth, when he plays, he's a very solid contributor.

So again, there's two areas on the roster the team could be flexible at.

When Brian Leonard returns, or feels healthy enough to play, the team could release Cedric Peerman. Even so, I'm suspicious of that, considering from the sounds of it, Leonard still has some work to do. "Once I get my confidence back doing really hard, sharp cuts," Leonard said, "I haven't done a ton of that. I did some today. Once I get that back I'll be ready." Let's pretend that Leonard does return. The Bengals will still want an insurance policy in case Leonard has a set-back. They'll need Peerman, considering there's no running backs on the team's eight-man practice squad.

That leaves tight end. Since the team didn't keep a fullback or sign one heading into the first weekend of the regular season, Daniel Coats could be the odd man out, because he made the team based on his blocking ability and experience as a fullback. If the team signs a fullback, there's little need for Coats because his role would be distributed to a new fullback and the remaining tight ends.

Granted, this would leave the team with two active tight ends, not including long-snapper Clark Harris. If there's a need for a third, they could sign Chase Coffman off the practice squad once their defensive line stabilizes and their confidence in Leonard's health increases. Of course, we're just speculating.

Either way, we know that the Bengals are still looking for a fullback and that Cincinnati will have to free up a roster spot if someone is signed.