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Before Visiting The Bengals, Owen Schmitt Making A Detour To Philadelphia

Even though the Bengals really didn't show a running game Sunday, after having to deal with a deficit that encouraged quicker scores through the air, the Bengals rushing offense did struggle early. Benson's 2.9 yard/rush average is the first time his average fell below three yards since last October, recording a 2.8 yard/rush effort against the Houston Texans and of his 15 rush attempts, three fell for negative yards. Though it wasn't all bad. After starting the game recording zero yards rushing through his first six attempts, Benson would go on to rush for 43 yards on his next nine carries, including a touchdown.

While they tried to keep Benson in the mix, his carries began to fade as remaining time clicked away.

That being said, this Tuesday, the Bengals will be hosting former Seattle Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt, which generated the discussion of who would be the odd man out.

But as Sundays go, we always see someone having suffered a major injury. Philadelphia Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver suffered a gruesome injury against the Green Bay Packers, suffering an ACL injury. Because of this, Schmitt may be already employed by this time Tuesday.

According to Aaron Wilson, the Eagles have Schmitt working out on Monday, along with former Jets fullback Jason Davis.