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Terrell Owens: "Coach said he would address that"

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Undoubtedly there was some "controversy" from the fact the Cincinnati's starting receivers went into the lockerroom well before the end of the half -- if half being a relative term for a few seconds.

Chad Ochocinco reportedly went to the lockerroom a bit early. Well, not reportedly. This is something he's done for years, especially when the defense is out on the field during the closing seconds of a half. Marvin Lewis said that this is "kind of normal for him any time we are on defense. Particularly early in the season, later in the year we don’t have to do that. But the doctors want to get him and get him out so he’s ready to go at the start of the second half."

Chad isn't the problem.

What became the problem, or at least perceived as the problem, is Terrell Owens heading to the lockerroom a bit early. When asked about it after the game, Marvin Lewis said that Owens "was just getting looked at, and that’s our business."

However, Owens was asked about it himself after the game.

Q: What about you leaving the field early before the half?
TO: Coach said he would address that.

(On same subject):
TO: Coach said he would address that.

(On same subject):
TO: Coach said he would address that. Guys, how many ways are you going to ask me? I don’t know how many ways I’m going to answer you.

Q: Why would the coach need to address that?
TO: He said he would address it.

Some may call this a glimpse into the team's future this year. Others will say this is much ado about nothing. Either way, if Jordan Shipley hauls down 50-plus yard hail mary receptions before the end of the half, none of us will really care.