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Method #5 To Destroying The Universe: Bengals Invite Center Eric Ghiaciuc For A Workout

Want to freak out? I mean, really freak out? Want to know that there is truth to Robert Caldwell's Big Rip theory that the universe will eventually rip itself apart, atom by atom? Want to lose all bodily control accepting the eventuality that you'll become really old, doing improper things at improper times?

According to Aaron Wilson, the Bengals worked out former Steelers center Justin Hartwig on Tuesday. No big deal, right? All is satisfied in happyville, the Cincinnati moat or overreaction plaza.

However, also according to Aaron Wilson, the Bengals also worked out center Eric Ghiaciuc on Tuesday. After being the team's starting center from 2006 until 2008, Ghiaciuc left for Kansas City only to be waived before the season started. He signed with the San Diego Chargers at the end of the 2009 season, but didn't play. The Browns signed him in April of 2010, but released him a few months later. After hanging out with the UFL's Florida Tuskers for a brief spell, the Patriots signed Ghiaciuc, releasing him less than a month later.

In other words, since leaving the Bengals, Ghiaciuc has been with five teams from two different versions of football and has yet to play an offensive down. After leaving Cincinnati Ghiaciuc criticized the Bengals lockerroom saying:

“As much as you try to focus on football with your day-to-day routine of meetings, lifting, walkthroughs, practices, games, you can focus but it’s still there,” Ghiaciuc said of the distractions. “It’s like when you turn your head, it’s still behind you. I think we were doing our best to focus on what needed to be focused on in our profession, but it was there and it was a bit of a problem.”

To which Chad responded: "Ghiaciuc's play was a distraction."

Point, Chad.

The Big Rip can gladly take place.