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File This Under "Rage Virus" Crazy: Chad Ochocinco As Disliked As Michael Vick and Tiger Woods

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You love Chad Ochocinco, don't you? It's alright. Admit your love. What player connects with his fans, takes them out to dinner and picks up their bill? Has an online show to talk about, well, whatever Chad likes to talk about. If you're a Bengals fan, you love Chad. His antics you might not like, especially if you're an old school fan, but generally speaking, you like Chad. Yes, you do.

Well, don't. You're not supposed to.

According to The Q Scores Company, creator of the Q Score that "markets itself as 'the industry standard for measuring consumer appeal'", the Bengals wide receiver is one of the most disliked figures in sports. Actually, with Terrell Owens, the Bengals have two of the top six most disliked figures in sports with Michael Vick and Tiger Woods being the top two. What company that is, going from high profile scandal cheating with half of the porn industry and a guy that likes dogs.

So when Chad scores a touchdown and flaunts it with celebrations during away games, know that 60-70 thousand people are going mad because of their "Rage Virus" has consumed them while we're eating our ribs, saying stupid catch phrases like "boo-ya" and dancing like we're anything but sober at a Dave Mathews concert.