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Bengals Rookie Cornerback Brandon Ghee Also Returns To Practice

We wrote earlier on Wednesday that Bengals running back Brian Leonard and wide receiver Andre Caldwell are making their return, expecting their first appearance of the season this Sunday. Well, hoping at least. Along with those two, the Bengals also saw their 2010 third round draft pick, cornerback Brandon Ghee, return to action.

According to the team's injury report, Ghee practiced on Wednesday for the first time after suffering an injury following a violent helmet-to-helmet collision with Buffalo Bills running back Chad Jackson that knocked him out cold. Ghee, even after being shut down the rest of the preseason, missed every practice last week leading up to the team's kickoff opener against the New England Patriots.

However, even though he's back to practicing, one has to wonder if he'll be active this Sunday. Even though he'd have to clear a gauntlet of tests to be cleared because of the serious nature of the injury, Ghee might not be utilized much against the Ravens. Even with newly acquired T.J. Houshmandzadeh, the Bengals have a good roster of cornerbacks to neutralize the Ravens impressive wide receiver roster. The issue, as was last week, was the lack of a pass rush. Considering that Carlos Dunlap was inactive last week, one has to think that Dunlap would likely be activated before Ghee.