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Welcome SB Nation's Newest University of Cincinnati Bearcats Blog

I disrupt your regularly scheduled posting of Bengals obessionism (my newest awesome word) for this brief promotion. Cincinnati is a wonderful city. A great sports town. With the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals, we're often consumed with great sports discussion, especially amongst the Cincinnati-based sites Red Reporter and Cincy Jungle.

We also have, for your football alternatives, the Cincinnati Bearcats, who generated plenty of buzz in the city during the Brian Kelly regime. Hopefully the Butch Jones regime is as effective, but we're in wait-and-see mode as it is. Anyway, along with Red Reporter and Cincy Jungle serving your local sports obsessions, SB Nation is proud to announce that we finally have a Bearcats blog.

If you're a Bearcats fan, please head over to Down the Drive and welcome Matt Opper to the team. Of course, if you're not a Bearcats fan and rather cheer for the Buckeyes, then let me take this time to also point you towards Along the Olentangy. After that, let me ask why you can't be fans of both teams. It's not a terrible thing to support your Ohio (not Cleveland) teams.