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UPDATE: Bengals Home Opener Declared A Sellout

UPDATE: Just as we updated the "Bengals tickets" file, Joe Reedy and Geoff Hobson tweet that the Bengals game this weekend against the Ravens has been "declared a sellout".

It's not critical. At least not yet. The season is too young to start throwing apocalyptic phrases of doom with miles of vegetation being wiped out, water contamination that crates fish with ten eyes during a time when humans form rival tribes with awesome Gary Oldman villainous intimidation. Wait, is that the blind man that can actually see?

So let's call it important, as most games in the NFL are important. But this is also against an important divisional opponent, who will try standing in Cincinnati's way from repeating as AFC North champions for the first time since the early 80s.

Even so, the game isn't sold out. The Enquirer's Kevin Goheen writes that a "limited number of tickets" remain unsold for this Sunday. With the deadline being this Thursday at 1 p.m., the Bengals home opener could be blacked out locally. Though it's likely the team will request a 24-hour extension from the NFL, provided there's a chance that the remaining tickets sellout, but it's still surprising that the team is still struggling to sell tickets.