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NFL Remains Hugely Popular: Shatters Previous Television Ratings

Football is hugely popular. The NFL especially. Though I have a suspicion that many NFL fans are football fans in general that don't mind getting caught up in a high school football game; then again, that might just be an Ohio and Texas thing. Either way, football is more awesome than the word awesome is awesome. Feel me?

According to the NFL, last weekend's kickoff opener was the most watched opening weekend since 1987, averaging 19.5 million viewers for games between September 9-13. Every NFL game ranked first in their respective NFL market with New Orleans pulling an amazing 60.0 rating -- by far tops in the NFL.

Cincinnati's loss to the New England Patriots was the most watched program during the game's broadcast with a 27.0 rating and a household share of 51%. In other words, of all the people that had that little Neilson box in Cincinnati's NFL market, the game was on over half of those households.

Other notes:

  • Approximately 15 million viewers tuned into the Ravens-Jets game, which is the most viewed season opening Monday Night Football Game ever.
  • CBS' early games (Cincinnati-New England and Houston-Indianapolis) drew 16.2 million viewers; most-watched opening weekend for CBS during 1 p.m. games.
  • Fox's national games, including hugely popular Packers and Eagles game, drew 28 million viewers.