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Keith Rivers Calls Sunday's Game Against Baltimore A "Must-Win"

We're trying really hard not to call Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens a must-win. I mean, that would be ridiculous right? Sure, the team needs to win, battling against falling into an early hole underneath the Ravens; especially important considering the team is running through the gauntlet of division champions last year, including a tough AFC East division. Still, with only one game played and 15 more to go, calling Sunday's game a must-win is a bit melodramatic.

Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers went on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, talking about Sunday's game, calling it a must-win (in the sense it's a division opponent):

“It’s definitely a must-win. Every game’s a must-win, but even moreso just for the fact that it is a division game and it is a home game.”

When asked about the biggest problems by the defense against New England, Rivers said:

“Really the biggest thing is just the tackling. You miss tackles and you get extra yardage and that kind of culminates to a bad game. We’ve just got to shore up our tackling and make sure everybody’s getting to the ball.”