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Boomer Esiason Rips Marvin Lewis

Last week against the New England Patriots, the Bengals saw both of their star receivers leave the field before the end of the first half in which Jordan Shipley hauled in a 52-yard hail mary reception. Some questioned the reasoning, and later head coach Marvin Lewis' response. During the warm month of September, Chad Ochocinco typically trots into the lockerroom just before half time, if the defense has the ball, so he can get an early start on his IVs. As we've understood it, Terrell Owens had an issue with his shoe.

Some didn't like that explanation and others went bombastic with their reactions, making you wonder if they'll just talk out of their mouths to help generate controversy against the Bengals.

Case in point. Boomer Esiason ripped Marvin Lewis, basically saying that Lewis enables this type of behavior, as if they're totally disrupting the pleasant-ville atmosphere in the Bengals lockerroom.

“He's obviously not in control of these two guys because a lack of respect shown by T.O. and Ochocinco going into that locker room,” Esiason said during the CBS’ NFL Today. “I would have told them stay there.  Go do your tweeting and reality shows and we'll see you after the game.”

Boomer is known for ripping the Bengals, mostly any time it involves Chad. And obviously the most important analysis he has during CBS' NFL show regarding the Bengals is this. Keep up the hard work Boomer. You might actually be disliked in Cincinnati before too long. And considering who you are, that's actually saying something.