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Clausen to Start For the First Time Against Bengals on Sunday

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The Bengals pass rush had Joe Flacco running for his life throughout the majority of the game on Sunday. The defensive line deserves a huge "thank you" from the secondary for forcing Flacco to confuse purple and black with orange and black. They played great from beginning to end and the best part is that they forced Flacco out of the pocket a lot even without the help of blitzing linebackers. When the linebackers did blitz, it was even more chaotic in the Ravens backfield. The stadium was loud and begging for an encore of the dominating performance and they may get one this Sunday in Carolina. There are four things that college taught me. One: you're allowed to wear sunglasses in class and it makes it easier to sleep and stare at girls that you won't talk to, Two: you don't actually have to go to college to be in college (so much better than high school), Three: some guy named Pavlov did stuff to dogs a long time ago, and Four: a good defense loves some rookie quarterback (that was an awesome class). Well, the Bengals defense is going to get to taste one against Carolina on Sunday.

The hot word on the street and by that I mean the Panthers official website, the 0-2 Panthers have decided to start second-round pick Jimmy Clausen at quarterback for his first time against the Bengals tough defense. The decision came after the Panthers lost to Tampa Bay this past Sunday. Starting quarterback Matt Moore went 6-16 for 125 yards, a touchdown and an interception. Moore has the NFL's second lowest quarterback rating at 41.8 and his interceptions double his touchdowns. I would like to have been a fly on the wall in the coaches office when the decision was made. I have a feeling that it went like this.

Coach 1: Well, it's official, Moore is no good. We need to go with someone else.

Coach 2: Yeah but remember, our backup is a rookie and his backup is a rookie too.

Coach 1: Yeah, we shouldn't have been drunk during draft day and throughout mini camp and on final cut day.

Coach 2: Do you want a drink?

Coach 1: Does a bear blow bubbles in the woods?

Coach 2: I think you have that expression wrong but I'll take that as a yes.

Coach 1: Sorry, I'm drunk. Hey let's start Santa Claus or whatever his name is this weekend.

Coach 2: Who do we play?

Coach 1: The Bengals.

Coach 2: Crap

I hope Clausen watched what the Bengals defense did to the Ravens. I hope he's good and scared. He should be.