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Andre Smith Practicing Between 10-15 Snaps Daily At Right Guard

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Let's take you in the way-back machine for a minute. Cincinnati's offensive line in 2008 struggled... like a lot. It became apparent early that the team wanted to draft an offensive tackle with their sixth overall pick in 2009. Rather than picking a stable guy with a good work ethic that may have been considered a reach in the early part of the first round, they picked Andre Smith, who missed so much time during negotiation that he effectively removed himself for any consideration as a starting right tackle. A few days after signing his contract, he breaks a bone in his foot during non-contact drills and misses the first half of the season.

During the offseason, he had work done on his foot again to help strengthen it and prevent future breaks. Problem was, he wasn't nearly ready when training camp started when the injury was only expected to keep him out until mid-May. He played some preseason and when he did, he didn't look particularly good. Smith did get his second career start last week against the Baltimore Ravens when the Bengals offense came out with an extra offensive lineman in their patent big-formation. However, according to Joe Reedy's snap chart, Smith was only in on 11 of the team's 67 overall snaps.

What do you do at this point? Is he a lost cause?

Since Smith is basically an expensive backup offensive tackle, Marvin Lewis wants him to work other areas on the offensive line. According to Geoff Hobson:

Bengals backup right tackle Andre Smith is getting about 10-15 snaps a day at right guard in practice after head coach Marvin Lewis told him he needed to play more than one spot as long as he’s a backup. It’s the first time he’s played guard since his freshman year in high school and upon hearing that center Kyle Cook chimed in jokingly with, “I played tackle in high school. Time to make the move?”

Seriously, Andre. You can't beat out Dennis Roland. I mean, seriously?

Though you have to admit, putting Smith at right guard as Bobbie Williams eventual replacement does have some intrigue with it.