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Open Thread: College Football Saturday

Even though 80% of you really don't care for it, we're doing it anyway as a test.

With Saturday's college football schedule loaded with ranked teams facing off against each other, I wanted to give you guys a place to talk about the games. This includes any game, ranging from Boise State, Alabama and Arkansas, Ohio State and the scary prospects of Cincinnati's game against Oklahoma.

This isn't so much about talking just football, when you could do that at any SB Nation site that houses the respective team. At the same time, you guys know each other here much more than you do there. If you want to talk with blogs of those respective teams, then my suspicion is that you're already doing that. Here, friends of Cincy Jungle will chat up Saturday's loaded jam-packed action.

So talk about anything you want -- college football, other NFL teams, or chat up about the Bengals -- and enjoy a great day of college football.