O Line Stinks, that's the real issue.

I know Palmer has looked lost at times and Benson is averaging a low 2.7 per carry average, but I have to believe the O Line is the real issue. They have one player starting that was drafted in the second round in Whitworth. Roland, Cook, Mathis and Livings were all either undrafted F/A's and pick ups from being cut by other teams. Williams was a free agent that I believe PHL let walk in free agency. Carson was good when he had a good line. I don't think he can actually step into his throws without the fear of stepping on his linemans legs because the pocket is being pushed into him for the most part. His balls seem to have a tight spiral and zip, but his throws are always rushed and he ends up throwing off his back foot. Unfortunately Smith has shown nothing at this point to help the line. They have to find a way to move the pocket or let him roll out. I just do noy think the line is performing. 75% of the penalties are coming from the O Line whether it is false starts, procedures, etc. Palmer needs to feel the pressure better and get out of the pocket when it comes.

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