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Marvin Lewis to Fans: Let Them Eat Wins

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis isn't too happy with the general reaction to the Bengals' 20-7 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

Not too many teams have to make excuses for winning like that, but I guess we do. So we will just move forward. I will say little, our players will say less, and that is the way it’ll be. So if you are comfortable coming in here and going through this like this, let’s just keep it up because it’s not going to change.

Lewis is, of course, channeling franchise founder Paul Brown's admonition that "when you lose, say a little, when you win, say less."

Well, fair enough. Am I happy with how the Bengals won the game? No, I'm not. Does it beat the hell out of losing? As a veteran of the Nineties, I'm gonna say: no freakin' doubt.

All right, Marvin. You called me, and I'll happily STFU about Sunday's game. But you want to be judged by wins? Fair enough. Here's my first request.

Do it again.

Oh, and yeah: WHO-DEY!