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Week Four Television Coverage: Bill Macatee and Rich Gannon Return To Call Bengals Game... Again

After the Bengals started the season with CBS' varsity squad in Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, the following two games against the Ravens and Panthers have been announced by CBS' not-varsity squad, Bill Macatee and Rich Gannon. Though it wouldn't be a first to have the same guys broadcasting the game in consecutive weeks in the NFL, it would seem rather rare that it would happen for a third time.

So naturally, Bill Macatee and Rich Gannon will be calling Cincinnati's third straight game when the Bengals head to Cleveland on Sunday.

But who's watching?

According to the awesome's television maps, mostly Ohio and western Kentucky will get Sunday's game. Actually, not even the entire state of Ohio is having the game, with small sections of eastern Ohio and the southeast tip of Ohio will be getting Baltimore at Pittsburgh.