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Willie Anderson Returns To Cincinnati Bengals Lockerroom

Well, at least to say hello.

For those of you that's known me since starting this website in March of 2006, you know my favorite Bengals player, at least from the mid-90s onward, is Willie Anderson. I could get into the reasons for his awesomeness, but secret government servers would go into super-crash mode where drones across the United States would be hijacked and configured into seek and destroy mode, looking for Justin Bieber.

Anderson joined the Bengals lockerroom on Wednesday. Don't worry Bieber fans, Anderson isn't returning as a player. (If there's seriously any Bieber fans on this blog, honestly, don't admit it amongst a group of hardcore Bengals fans).

For the first time since his 12-year Bengals’ career ended just before the 2008 season, four-time Pro Bowl right tackle Willie Anderson visited the locker room Wednesday and while he’s not returning as a player he is apparently helping his old offensive line in other ways.

We're in no means promoting that we'd like to see Anderson, who reiterates that he's indeed retired, give it one more go in Cincinnati as the team's starting right tackle. But if Lewis could possibly finagle Anderson to stick around for an extended brief stay and mentor Andre Smith, who seems to need that helping hand to guide him as to what the team is expecting from him, could go a long way.