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NFL Roster Cuts: Why Dezmon Briscoe Won't Be Claimed Through Waivers

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It's true. There will likely be one or two teams that take a long hard look at Bengals wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe. In truth, I'd find it hard to believe that the country's annual event for most recorded layoffs in a single day, isn't followed up with mostly every player being examined extensively. Briscoe will not be the exception here; he'll be one of many. There will always be the chance that he's claimed off waivers with his Cincinnati career coming to an end. But we have to wonder about those chances.

With a staggering hesitation move that blew away his opposing cornerback, giving him enough separation to get behind the entire Colts secondary, Briscoe hauled in a 50-yard touchdown pass with 6:18 left in the game. While the route was flawless and the reception solid, before catching that pass, Briscoe only recorded three receptions for 39 yards receiving through the preceding four preseason games.

In truth, it appeared that the Bengals hid Briscoe as best they could, increasing the chances that he'll clear waivers and sign with the team's practice squad. It's entirely possible that other teams could have his college scouting report in their hand (much like how we've formed our own opinions on Briscoe), looking through the waiver wire, plucking him up this weekend. However, with the lack of overall production in the preseason, teams may not think Briscoe is NFL ready to place him on their 53-man roster. With other receivers showing far more production on tape, teams could find more appealing players that they feel are ready to play the opening weekend.

Also consider this. If there were 31 others teams that could pluck Briscoe from the waiver wire, then keep in mind that those 31 other teams also passed on Briscoe through five rounds. If they didn't pick him up during the NFL draft, then what has Briscoe done during the preseason to warrant a waiver claim?