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NFL Roster Cuts: Did Quan Cosby Hint That He Made The Team?

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Yes, yes. We're still talking about wide receivers today. That's how we roll. New information is presented all of the time, and that information must get out to you, the reader, to absorb and make informed decisions. In his most recent posting, Joe Reedy argues that Jerome Simpson won a spot on the roster and Dez Briscoe bounced Quan Cosby from the roster. Reedy writes:

So in the race for the 53rd and final roster spot it comes down to this question between Quan Cosby and Dez Briscoe — do you cut a valuable special teams guy in order to protect a young player with potential? At this point in time, the answer is yes.

It's merely a hypothetical by Reedy to keep Briscoe on the roster because he has absolutely no reason to believe that Briscoe won't be claimed off waivers if he's cut Saturday.

Soon after, Quan Cosby tweets:

No offense but @joereedy isn't in personel meetings and u would count him as a reliable source in that subject!

If you follow Cosby, you'd quickly know that this guy literally doesn't say a bad thing about anyone. And he rarely reacts to anyone's opinion on him. So this can make us think of two things. One, if you remember Hard Knocks last year, every player on the bubble was a nervous wreck. Then again, to lash out from Reedy's posting wouldn't be within Cosby's character.

The second thing it makes me think is that he made the team and Cosby's tweet is his way to tell us without actually telling us, he made the team. Cuts likely won't be announced until Saturday.

Nevermind. He made the team