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Matt Williamson: Carson Palmer Has Lost His Fundamentals

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We've talked about it way too much in the past week. And we're not the only ones. The general theme throughout the football world is "what's wrong with Carson Palmer?!" I know, even I am getting tired of it; even though it's still a legit question. Being the information sharing animaniac that I am, it's best to have knowledge from as many perspectives as possible and not sitting on one's hands resting on their laurels of knowledge.

James Walker asked Scout Inc's Matt Williamson that question.

He looks absolutely terrible, and I think it's him. I don't know if it's all the injuries -- the elbow, the knee and the thumb -- and each is taking a little bit away from him. But Palmer doesn't throw the football anything like he used to. He's making bad decisions, which is unlike him. Palmer thinks he can get the ball in better than he can, and the ball doesn't get there with the same velocity as the version of five years ago.

After talking about the offensive line's development into a run-heavy group, mostly big guys with limited agility, Williamson is asked if Palmer has lost his fundamentals.

Yeah, but it's almost like it's injury-induced. Every quarterback, like a pitcher, generates power from his toes all the way up through his legs and hips to the shoulder and the elbow through the fingers. If one link in that chain isn't sustaining or doing its job, you can see why he loses so much on his throws. And Palmer may have more than one link in the chain not doing its job.