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Former Bengals Getting Traded, Chopped

While we wait for word on the Cincinnati Bengals' final cuts, due this afternoon, it's notable that around the league, former Cincinnati players are dropping like flies.

Word broke a couple days ago that the Seattle Seahawks were looking to move WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Conventional wisdom was that no one would go after him because of the size of his contract, but it turns out that there's a clause requiring the Seahawks to pay the difference between the $7 million he's supposed to receive from them this year and anything another team pays him. As a result, Joe Reedy tweets that four teams, the Vikings, Jets, Chargers and Cardinals, have put offers on the table. So a return of Housh to Cincy seems very unlikely to happen, much, I'm sure, to 85's disappointment.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the Eagles acquired veteran guard Reggie Wells from Arizona, leading to reports that former Cincinnati Bengals franchise player Stacy Andrews will be traded or released. Stacy left two years ago to join his brother Shawn on the Eagles' offensive line. Ironically, Shawn was released earlier this year and signed with the division rival Giants. In short, the Eagles appear to have wasted a lot of money (and a first round pick) on the Andrews sisters. Pardon me while I point and laugh.

Okay, I'm back. Moving on, the New England Patriots learned what we already knew, that Eric Ghiaciuc isn't any good. Ghiacuic was released by the Pats on Friday. Since leaving the Bengals, he's been rejected by Kansas City, San Diego and, now, New England. Next stop UFL? CFL? McD's?