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Cincinnati Bengals waive WR Dezmon Briscoe and WR Matt Jones

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Well folks, the news is starting to roll in.  Per two Joe Reedy tweets (here and here), Wide Receivers Dezmon Briscoe and Matt Jones have been waived today by the Cincinnati Bengals.  Reedy also seems confident that Briscoe will clear waivers and be available for the Bengals to place on the Practice Squad. 

Both Jones and Briscoe have been a point of debate around these parts for quite some time this offseason.  Jones has been slow off the ball since the Bengals signed him, but in some of the action he saw in a couple of preseason games he made some very nice catches. 

Briscoe hadn't gotten many opportunities to shine, but made one highlight reel catch in Thursday's preseason finale against Indianapolis.  The prevailing line of thought (at least from this writer) is that Marvin Lewis and company know that Dezmon is a player with a very high ceiling and they were hoping to give other teams as little film on him as possible during the preseason in the hopes that he would stick on the PS. 

Also noted by Joe Reedy on his twitter feed is the fact that Jerome Simpson has not been waived at this point and if the Bengals carry six receivers, he is now the man who would fill that role. 

As of right now, the Bengals' opening day wide reciever corps is officially comprised of Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, Jordan Shipley, Andre Caldwell, Quan Cosby and Jerome Simpson.  Reedy said the official roster announcement will come between three and four today, so in the next three or four hours we'll know if it's six wide recievers including Simpson or if they'll go into prep for New England carrying five.  That would mean one of two things, that either they carry five on the roster hoping that they'll be able to pluck Briscoe off of the Practice Squad should a need arise or they'll add a sixth WR from the waiver wire. 

My guess at this point is that Jerome Simpson remains as the sixth wide receiver. 

Much more to come today, folks.  Don't you dare move.