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Open Thread: Bengals 2010 Roster Announced

Well the roster is (mostly) finalized. There will no doubt be some changes in the coming days as the waiver wire works its magic, and as the Cincinnati Bengals sort through released free agents for possible upgrades. Safety Pat Watkins, who visited recently, is one possible addition (they kept just three safeties as of this writing), as is a backup QB (lots of love for Matt Leinart in Bengaldom these days).

Not too many surprises among the cuts today. I know, Daniel Coats making the final roster at the cost of Chase Coffman is a bit of a surprise to some, but from my chair Coats is the best blocking tight end on the team (and yeah, I'm talking to you, Reggie Kelly) and Jermaine Gresham rendered Coffman redundant. Still, it's eye-raising to see the Bengals give up on Chase so quickly. But I guess that's what 9 receptions for 94 yards and a TD in the last three preseason games does for Jermaine.

I'm also sorry to see S Kyries Hebert go, he was a special teams machine. Either Darrin Simmons has a better player, or he lost a roster argument.

Up next is the practice squad. I hope to see Dez Briscoe and Clinton McDonald there. And of course, my call for future Hall-of-Famer, Otis Hudson.

Got an opinion? Start spouting below.