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After Keeping No Fullbacks: Bengals Possibly Looking To Add A Fullback

When the 53-man roster was announced just after 6 p.m. on a glorious Saturday evening, the list didn't include any fullbacks. Not Fui Vakapuna, not Joe Tronzo. The solution, if it stands the way it does today, is to use Daniel Coats, Dan Skuta and Reggie Kelly in some de facto fullback roll. So when the team elected not to keep Chase Coffman, their third tight end on the roster, it was somewhat of a surprise; not that they didn't keep Coffman, rather they didn't keep four tight ends.

Are they leaving the door open for a fullback later?

Many moons ago we brought up the issue that the team didn't take fullback seriously in the offseason, electing to go with a guy that they outright waived last year and didn't retain through the practice squad like they did with Chris Pressley. In other words, Vakapuna was the third best fullback last year. Maybe he got better, who knows such things.

Regardless, the team isn't totally satisfied with their no fullback solution. According to Geoff Hobson, the Bengals at one point were "mulling a trade for a fullback" but have so far elected to "scour the waiver wire and if they put in a claim they'll find out if they got him shortly after noon."

A list of fullbacks cut on Saturday (according to Fox Sports):

  • Charles Scott (Cardinals)
  • Dan Klecko (Falcons)
  • Rodney Ferguson (Bills)
  • Rashawn Jackson (Panthers)
  • Eddie Williams (Bears)
  • Jack Corcoran (Texans)
  • Rolly Lumbala (Dolphins)
  • Ryan D'Imperio (Vikings)
  • Jason McKie (Saints)
  • Zak Keasey (Saints)
  • Jerome Johnson (Giants)
  • Jason Davis (Jets)
  • Manase Tonga (Raiders)
  • Dwayne Wright (Steelers)
  • Frank Summers (Steelers)
  • Richie Brockel (Chargers)
  • Billy Latsko (Chargers)
  • Jehuu Caulcrick (49ers)
  • Brit Miller (49ers)
  • Dennis Morris (Rams)
  • Redrick Taylor (Rams)
  • Jed Collins (Titans)
  • Carey Davis (Redskins)