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UPDATE: Bengals Are Waiting on Dezmon Briscoe To Shift Through Options Before Signing To Practice Squad

With debates ranging from keeping Dezmon Briscoe on the 53-man roster because he "wouldn't clear waivers" to calls that Jerome Simpson isn't worth having on the roster because of his rookie and sophomore seasons, ultimately, Briscoe cleared waivers and Simpson made the roster.

Earlier on Sunday, the Bengals announced seven signings on the team's practice squad roster. NFL teams are allowed a maximum eight players on their respective practice squad, meaning that the Bengals have one signing left. We expected Briscoe to, at least, make the team's practice squad if he couldn't make the team's 53-man active roster, even suspecting that the Bengals were hiding Briscoe during the preseason so other teams didn't have a more up-to-date scouting report on the rookie wide receiver. They're not required to fill out the practice squad with eight guys if they so choose.

For those that covet Briscoe, there's still a lot of hope. Geoff Hobson writes:

Briscoe’s agent, Eric Burkhardt, said Sunday that he was waiting to hear if any other clubs had claimed his client. He said the Bengals have offered him a spot on the practice squad but they plan to sift through their options Sunday night if he’s not claimed.

The Bengals apparently view Briscoe much differently than how the fans viewed him, many of whom wished that Briscoe made the 53-man roster. And if Jerome Simpson didn't close the preseason the way he did, perhaps Briscoe would have had a much better shot.

Either way, the file on Briscoe has yet to close.

UPDATE: Joe Reedy also chimed in on the subject, saying that the team's eighth spot is pending because they're waiting on Briscoe to decide what to do.