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Report: Dezmon Briscoe Decides To Sign With Buccaneers Practice Squad

After clearing waivers when claims were due by noon on Sunday, Dezmon Briscoe was left with a choice. He could sign onto the Bengals practice squad, or he could choose to sign elsewhere.

He decided to sign elsewhere.

According to Joe Reedy (via Briscoe's agent), the wide receiver has elected to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice squad. The biggest reason, "they are paying the rookie minimum compared to the practice squad contract." According to this report, the rookie minimum is $310,000 while the standard going rate for a practice squad player is $5,200 a week.

Deciding to sign with Tampa Bay's practice squad probably makes more sense for him anyway, considering he'd have to climb a mountain, not just to make the Bengals squad, but to actually get on the field on Sundays. With the Buccaneers, he would have an easier time signing with the team's 53-man roster with receivers like Michael Spurlock (no receptions from 2007-2009), Maurice Stovall (24 receptions in 2009 was a career high) and Reggie Brown (27 receptions in the past 24 games played).

And if worse comes to worse and we're in need of a wide receiver, the Bengals can simply sign Briscoe to their 53-man roster and he's back on the squad. Simple as that.

As for the Bengals, they still have a slot remaining to sign an eighth practice squad player. Any guesses? Chris Rodgers, perhaps?