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Bengals Announce 2010 Team Captains

The Bengals have announced their team captains for the 2010 season, voted on by their peers.

Carson Palmer and Bobbie Williams were voted offensive captains. Not offensive, like peeee-ew. Offensive like the American military's might, destroying all those that oppose her. This year's approach is mostly the same, with Williams being voted on as a captain rather than Andrew Whitworth, who was the team's captain last season.

Last year the team voted Dhani Jones and Domata Peko as the team's defensive captains. Both players were voted on as captains again this year. Kyries Hebert was named as the special teams captain with the 2009 squad. This year, linebacker Brandon Johnson was voted as a team captain on special teams.

Let's see; 53-man roster, practice squad, team captains. By George, I think the only thing left is to get this season going. No wonder why the weather in Cincinnati is more perfect than perfection.