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Bengals Television Coverage: Cincinnati's NFL Schedule

If you're a Bengals fan living out of the area, there's a good chance you'll see Cincinnati's game against the New England Patriots. With Jim Nantz and Phil Simms covering the game, CBS' varsity crew, more of populated regions in the east will see the game. Along with the states of Alaska and Hawaii (anyone from there?), most of the East Coast, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington (state), Oregon, Arizona and Nevada will see the Bengals kickoff the season at 1 p.m. on CBS.

If you live in the Cincinnati area, the weekend NFL schedule will look like this.

CBS early game (1 p.m.): Bengals at Patriots
Fox Early Game (1 p.m.): Falcons at Steelers
Fox Late Game (4:15 p.m.): Packers at Eagles
NBC Football (8:20 p.m.): Cowboys at Redskins
ESPN's MNF (7 p.m.): Ravens at Jets
ESPN's MNF (10:15 p.m.): Chargers at Chiefs