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Terrell Owen's Next Milestone: Joining Jerry Rice In The 150-Touchdown Club

Terrell Owens once brought a divisive opinion in this area, if not a total anti-christ attitude during his San Francisco, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Dallas days -- alright, everywhere he played. It always seemed like he was so infatuated with himself that, aside from being the players that embarrass the league with deviant criminal activities, was why more and more blue collar Americans found little like for such a personality.

Of course, that opinion dissolved quicker than Kool-Aid when he signed with the Bengals. Now we're all like, "did you see the T.O. show last night, rather than, do you think the Bengals will ever have a pulling guard like Eric Steinbach?" Alright, maybe not us. But you know the types; those that have to be reminded that the most important part of football is still the offensive and defensive lines.

Owens, for his part, will be marked in NFL history. No, not for his antics, driveway interviews, stationary bike rides, or jibber-jawing Donovan McNabb. Rather, on the field.

If Terrell Owens records six touchdowns receiving this year, he will become the second player in NFL history, behind Jerry Rice, to reach 150 touchdown receptions, in their career. Randy Moss only needs two to achieve 150, so we're going to hope that Owens becomes more badass than Moss. We'll see.