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The T.Ocho Show: A Preview On What The Show Is About

As you've heard, Bengals eccentric wide receivers Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens will be kicking off their own show on the Versus network, called the The T.Ocho Show. The series premiere will kick off October 12 at 10:30 p.m. and run on Tuesday nights on Versus. That being said, we have no idea what they're really going to do. Is this another reality show? Is this a talk-ish-like show? Or is this a variety show, with (hopefully) guest appearances from Dave Chappelle, who also spent some of his childhood in the great state of Ohio?

No on the first, we think on the second and definitely no on the third.

From a Press Release:

From rivals to teammates, these wide receivers for the Cincinnati Bengals will go head-to-head to discuss, and give their unvarnished opinions about, the hottest news in and around the NFL, sports in general and pop culture.  Does Terrell Owens think he can catch more passes than Randy Moss this season and does OchoCinco think Lindsay Lohan did enough jail time? Tune-in and find out.

The T.Ocho Show is the first ever weekly national football talk show to feature two active players.  A host will referee the on-screen mayhem sure to take place between the two stars as they delve into various NFL-related topics, ranging from who is the second best receiving team in the league to their predictions for the season to who is the most over/underrated player in the game today, among others.  Of course, their opinions aren’t limited to the action on the gridiron and the pair will delve into their off-field careers as reality stars, Twitter idols and pop culture commentators.

Following are two clips that basically previews the show on tonight's Daily Line at 11 p.m.

Have you ever heard of the saying, "I've got a bad feeling about this?" If you haven't, then please, just watch Star Wars one time.