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The Daily Banter: ESPN Releases Regular Season Power Rankings

Yes. T.J. Houshmandzadeh was a great wide receiver with the Bengals. Some argue he was the best receiver between Chad and Houshmandzadeh. I argue that one isn't as good without the other. Now that he's gone, some have presented the argument that Houshmandzadeh shouldn't have been able to leave in the first place. The truth is, Houshmandzadeh WANTED to leave and therefore found his ticket in Seattle. If he wanted to stay, if he really wanted to stay, then he would have made it work while the Bengals were making an 11th hour attempt to keep Houshmandzadeh during last year's free agency kickoff. At some point in time, the second side of a player and team relationship must be examined.

I've always liked Houshmandzadeh. But like a favorite toy that we outgrow, at some point we have to move on, far away from the player that has done nothing but bitch about his time in Cincinnati, because of all the losing he had to endure -- not like he presented solutions before he finally earned a spot as a leading receiver. Guys like Houshmandzadeh are never wrong, never at fault and always the victim. He's a fantastic wide receiver, but he just doesn't fit here anymore. It would have been great if he stayed in Cincinnati. It would have been even cooler if he wanted to stay here.

+ ESPN released their first Power Rankings of the regular season, placing the Bengals 12th in the NFL. The Ravens are ranked sixth overall with the Steelers 18th and the Browns 29th. Walker ranked the Bengals 11th.

+ Geoff Hobson has a great piece on former Bengals offensive lineman Dave Lapham, who is entering his silver anniversary in the booth. Man, 25 years on radio. No city rivals Cincinnati when it comes to the Reds and Bengals in the radio booth.

+ AOL's FanHouse interviewed Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, who now has his own cereal (read below). When asked about Jordan Shipley, Chad said, "I didn't know he was that damn good. Nah, I'm serious. He's ahead of the curve. Like for real. Big time." He thinks that Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed are the best safeties to play the game and Ray Lewis the best middle linebacker ever.

+ While Carson Palmer looks to have a rebound season that brings him back to elite status, the team's playoff loss to the New York Jets last year still leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

+ Has anyone tried Chad's new cereal yet? The Ochocinco's.

+ John Thornton thinks that the matchup this week will be between the Bengals defensive line and the Patriots offensive line.