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The Daily Banter: Antonio Bryant Wants More Money From The Bengals

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+ As was posted on Wednesday, former Bengals wide receiver Antonio Bryant is filing an injury grievance against the Cincinnati Bengals.

First reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Antonio Bryant’s agent, Lamont Smith, has filed a grievance on Wednesday for $3.1 million against the Bengals. The amount is $1.55 for base salary and $1.55 million in a roster bonus. Bryant earned a $3.1 million roster bonus on March 21 but only half of it has been paid.

+ Football Outsiders' Bill Barnhall examines the ages of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco and compares them to previous wide receiver duos (ESPN Insider) that were as old old, or older writing:

As talented as Terrell Owens once was, he's not Jerry Rice. The path to him contributing as part of an effective Bengals' offense this year, though, depends on Owens channeling Rice's historically unprecedented second peak in Oakland. While there's nothing to suggest that Ochocinco should have a disappointing season in 2010, history tells us that Owens is far more likely to be the Joker than Batman this year in Cincinnati.

+ Andrew Whitworth talks about the Patriots with this weekend's opening kickoff.

“They had (Richard) Seymour and (Ty) Warren on the edges, who are two bigger, taller ends,” Whitworth said. “The guys now (Gerard Warren and Mike Wright) are younger and have a little bit more movement to them than being bigger and physical. But it is amazing. They still play so disciplined and are so technically sound and they continue to play that way. It still makes them solid."

+ Chad Ochocinco was low-key this week with the New England Media.

“They play football just like I play football. They look good on film. I’m sure their coaches will put them in a position to be able to make plays, so I’m going to approach this game very humbly,” he said. “There’s not too many times I play against the Patriots and have enormous games. They game-plan very well. They’re very smart. I have to play sound football myself in order to be successful.”

+ Joe Reedy talks with The Boston Globe's Albert Breer aregarding this weekend's matchup.