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Bengals Defensive End Antwan Odom Facing Possible Four-game Suspension

The Bengals regular season was going so swimmingly. A Training Camp that saw a Brian Leonard injury being the biggest "issue". A preseason that generally went from disaster, concerning to "alright, we might be ok," brings about a Thursday afternoon in which one can say, "everything is going great." The biggest recent issue being whether or not a sixth round draft pick should be on the team's practice squad.

That is, until Thursday. Pro Football Talk confirmed an earlier report by Three Way Chili that Antwan Odom is facing a four-game suspension for violating the league's steroids policy. However, according to PFT, there might be a strong case for Odom in his appeals.

We're told that an appeal is pending, and that Odom believes he has strong arguments in favor of a reduction or a reversal of the appeal.