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NFL Ratings: 2010-2011 Wild Card Games are the Most Watched Ever

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The NFL is facing a lot of uncertainty. There are only 50 days left until the current collective bargaining agreement expires and if the owners and the NFLPA doesn't come to an agreement before those 50 days run out, the 2011 NFL season could be jeopardized by a lockout. Considering that you're here and the Bengals' season is over, you don't want that to happen. I know I don't.

Even though we face uncertain (football) times, those times aren't stopping the NFL from stomping on their TV rivals like Godzilla, Mecha-Godzilla, Mothra and King Kong would stomp a mud hole in Tokyo's rear end and walk it dry if they decided to team up and destroy the extremely unlucky city. The 2010-2011 NFL Wild Card weekend's TV ratings were the highest they've ever been and they blew every other prime time show out of the water and out of the universe.

According to the NFL, an average of 32.3 million viewers watched last weekends wild card games which broke the record of 30 million set in 1994. Last weekend's 32.3 million average is up 7 percent from last years 29.9 million average. All four wild card games were also the four most watched TV programs over the weekend and week... by a lot... including the Packers-Eagles game which drew 39.3 millions viewers, the most watched NFL wild card game in the NFL's history. Saturday's games between the Jets and Colts and the Saints and Seahawks averaged 30.6 million viewers making them the most watched Wild Card Saturday games in NFL history too.

The lowest ranked NFL wild card game over the weekend, the Saints-Seahawks game, which attracted 28.4 million viewers, still beat the next highest ranked show (Two and a Half Men...... really?) by 13 million viewers and beat the Sugar Bowl between Ohio State and Arkansas by 14.8 million.

Needless to say, the NFL has, still is and will likely continue to dominate television ratings throughout the future. Even if there is a lockout next season, it's likely that news about the lockout will still draw double the amount of views that Two and a Half Men does.... at least it should.