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Open Thread: Cedric Benson Vs. Johnathan Joseph

Jason Garrison and Josh Kirkendall, suddenly speaking in third person, decided to take on the task of debating which player Cincinnati should re-sign, given the parameter that the Bengals will only re-sign one. And don't give me that "Bengals don't have money" counterpoint -- they have the money. It's whether or not they want to spend it. Either way, both writers present their arguments and you, the awesome reader, can debate it with us in this open thread.

Here are the articles.


In the end, we must realize that the Bengals can't just stroll on down to the free running back store and expect to find a running back capable of strapping the Bengals to his back like one of those car-top luggage carriers like Benson can. There just aren't many backs capable of the kind of constant battering ram-style running that like Benson is on the potential market or available in the upcoming draft. Because of this, I believe Benson is the Bengals best bet for 2011. If you can point me in the direction of another half-man half-ogre that can run like Benson can, then by all means let me know so I can change my tune.

Simply put: In an ideal world, the Cincinnati Bengals are able to retain both players. In a less than ideal world, the Bengals will sign one player and it should be the best one of the two. Johnathan Joseph.

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