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Clear Channel's Contract With The Cincinnati Bengals Is Expiring

After the Bengals finished the season 4-12, Mike Brown appeared in front of the media to announce the re-signing of head coach Marvin Lewis. With the idea that Lewis wouldn't return without some assurances of changes, there was a sense of hope that things could rebound soon -- as per every even-numbered season during the Marvin Lewis era. Yet, that press conference still wasn't a nightmare, no matter how raw you turned your skin from pinching yourself. Instead of hope and eagerness, Bengals fans felt glum and gloom, full of dread and doom as much as ever.

So it's rather disconcerting for those that won't make the trip to Paul Brown stadium (lining up Mike Brown's pockets as many will say) that most of the 2011 games likely won't be televised, if the feeling of the team remains the same as it is right now.

Of course, it won't be as easy as turning on the radio either. According to the Enquirer's John Kiesewetter, Clear Channel's contract with the Cincinnati Bengals is expiring soon. WLW and ESPN 1530 both broadcast Bengals games and are owned by Clear Channel. Obviously someone will purchase the rights to broadcast the games, especially considering that it's very unlikely the team will sellout a majority, if even half, of their games in 2011 (if there is even a 2011). Though you have to imagine Mike Brown and the Bengals would rather deal with the big bucks Clear Channel could bring, the team really doesn't have much of a negotiating position, possibly having to deal with lesser stations and companies for a cheaper return.