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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: With A Win Seattle Will Host The NFC Championship Game

Coming into the playoffs this year, frazzled minds poured through the intellectual regions of their fragile spears after the Seattle Seahawks qualified for the playoffs with a losing record. Reseed, people shouted. Don't allow teams with a losing record to qualify for the playoffs, the more fanatical spectrum of the fan's voice shouted. It made sense, yes. Should a team with a losing record be rewarded with a playoff berth? Philosophically, no. But Seattle did nothing wrong, except play to the rules that the league has established. You win your division, you're in the playoffs and you host at least one home game and any game against a lesser seed. In Seattle's instance, any Wild Card team.

After the Seahawks beat the defending Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints, during Wild Card weekend, Seattle heads to Chicago during the first of two Sunday divisional playoff games. And if Seattle wins, thanks to Green Bay's victory over Atlanta Saturday night, the Seahawks, the team with a losing regular season record, will host the NFC Championship game next weekend.

For the first time in league history, a team finished with a losing regular season record and could host a conference championship game. What do the people so outraged by Seattle's qualifying berth into the playoffs have to say now?