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NFL Playoffs Open Thread: Divisional Weekend Concludes

This weekend's slate of games can't possibly be more thrilling than last night, right? Alright, so the AFC North rematch between Baltimore and Pittsburgh was entertaining; until Pittsburgh shut down Baltimore's offense and our beloved T.J. Houshmandzadeh dropped an easy fourth down pass to essentially end the game.

And there was nothing really entertaining about Green Bay's dismantling of an Atlanta Falcons squad that played as if they didn't belong.

This weekend's set of games could be far more entertaining. Seattle's pass rush could disrupt Jay Cutler into his usual array of mistakes. Then again, that only really matters if Seattle's offense remains hot like they did last week, led by Matt Hasselbeck's four touchdown passes. Sure, I'll raise another eyebrow if Seattle wins. But I surely won't be surprised after witnessing what they did against New Orleans.

As for the second game on Sunday and final game of this round, the New York Jets head into Boston to take on the New England Patriots. Oddly enough, the Jets and Rex Ryan has actually set it up to where the Patriots are the protagonist in this story. Though we are Bengals fans and we just hate the Jets. They're ugly. And smelly.

My picks: Bears and Patriots.