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Is Ochocinco Marketing Himself to Other Teams?

After the Patriots' season was ended by the New York Jets, Chad Ochocinco sent a tweet to Ian Rapoport, the Patriots beat writer for the Boston Herald, that could be considered an early sign that Ochocinco wants to play in a city other than Cincinnati and for a coach other that Marvin Lewis.

Ochocinco just sent me a tweet that read only this: "@RapSheet PePe and Bill #EPIC."

Of course, this could be PePe being.... well, PePe which would mean that this means absolutely nothing. However, with his comments about his inability to coexist with Lewis, Ochocinco may be the beginnings of a rant that we heard when his name was still Chad Johnson.

Lewis has made it absolutely clear that there is no option for Ochocinco in 2011. However, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. It's possible that Bengals owner Mike Brown could reverse Lewis' stance on Ochocinco's option; it wouldn't be the first time that we saw Brown reverse a Marvin Lewis decision. It's also possible that the Bengals could look to trade Ochocinco before the draft for an extra pick or two in the upcoming draft. Jerome Simpson's explosive play over the last three games of the 2010 season did wonders for his own future in Cincinnati and surrounded Ochocinco's future in question marks.

Whatever the case between the Bengals and Ochocinco may be, it is clear that something is possibly rotten in the state of Denmark. The tweet that Chad sent to Rapoport may be nothing, then again, it could be the beginning of a very big something.