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On Chad Ochocinco Tweeting About The Patriots: Nothing To See Here

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On Monday Jason wrote a post about Chad Ochocinco sending a tweet to the Boston Herald's Ian Rapoport which said:

Someone may want to play in New England... The Pats do need a game-breaker.. RT @ochocinco: @RapSheet PePe and Bill #EPICless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

As one would expect with things concerning Chad Ochocinco, the explosion of "oh my gosh, it's impossible such things could exist" will outweigh the fact that Chad's tweet said exactly three words. "PePe and Bill". One could argue that it's one of those unspoken read-between-the-lines remarks. It's not uncommon for Chad to make remarks that he shouldn't make. Someone else could argue that Chad is working Bill Belichick to get a free trip to Hawaii after the Patriots staff was announced to be coaching the AFC in the 2011 Pro Bowl. Therefore it's also not uncommon for everyone to completely overreacted to something other than what was intended. Or someone could argue that Chad just wants more attention. How is that not in the realm of possibility?

No, we're pretty sure that this issue is more about Chad Ochocinco being angry with Marvin Lewis, who threw him under the bus because the wide receiver wasn't practicing with bone spurs at the end of the year. Chad was still angry enough to say he wasn't sure he could coexist any longer with Marvin Lewis after the head coach signed a two-year deal at the end of the 2010 season.

So Chad's mad. Big deal. People get mad when they feel like they've been insulted. Eventually all will be well after a cup of coffee, a donut and a conversation.

Anyway, we have a hard time believing that Chad is that stupid. The last time he put out flirtations for other teams to ride into Cincinnati as his knight in shining armor, while he was under contract, he would eventually admit that he regretted it because of how it made him look. Does he really think starting all over again will put him in a better position to get traded when the Bengals rejected, reportedly, a first round and a conditional third round pick several years ago by the Washington Redskins? Though trading away a $6 million contract for a declining wide receiver could be in the team's best interest. Right?

And think on the reality of the situation right now in the NFL. If the current collective bargaining agreement expires on March 4 and no extension (which isn't expected) or a new agreement (which isn't expected) is signed, no player can be traded until the new agreement is signed. The draft will still happen, but the Bengals couldn't acquire picks to use for this year's draft unless a CBA is signed beforehand. On the other hand, they could trade for next year's picks if the CBA is signed after this year's NFL Draft.

And he won't be released. Not after the Bengals exercised Chad's $6 million option for 2011.

No matter how you spin it, Chad is, as of this moment, signed to play with the Bengals in 2011. And three words of a tweet that says "Pepe and Bill" is hardly worth driving the overreaction match into overdrive, conjuring up trade scenarios that most likely won't happen for this year's picks anyway. No, Chad is mad. And he'll get over it. He always does.