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Bengals Win The Reggie Nelson/David Jones Trade: No Draft Picks For Jacksonville

Earlier this year on September 4, the Cincinnati Bengals sent cornerback David Jones and a conditional draft pick to Jacksonville in exchange for the 21st overall draft pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, safety Reggie Nelson. And it made sense for the Bengals, especially in hindsight.

David Jones was so awful with Jacksonville that he was removed from the Jaguars defense from week eight until he played a handful of snaps during the final game of the season. Before then, Jones received significant playing time, even starting five games. He allowed two touchdowns, picked off a pass and allowed an opposing quarterback rating 114.6.

In return, the Bengals benefited with a decent return in Reggie Nelson, who would eventually fill in for a depleted secondary.

According to Pro Football Focus, when a pass was attempted towards a player that Reggie Nelson was covering, the quarterback generated a 30.4 passer rating. Along with two interceptions and four passes defenses, Nelson allowed less than a 50% of passes to be completed when quarterbacks targeted the player he was covering. Nelson didn't play defense until midway through the season, with his first defensive snaps coming against the Atlanta Falcons. Along with a couple headache-producing hits towards the end of the season and a display of knocking heads with the best of them, Nelson also made at least five stops either at the line of scrimmage, or a loss or preventing a third down conversion on third-and-short.

Even so, the conditions that would have sent Jacksonville one of Cincinnati's draft picks weren't met, according to Geoff Hobson. Nelson played in all 16 games, starting six and taking 496 defensive snaps. Either way, the moral of the story is that Cincinnati will have their seven draft picks for 2011.