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Bored With Football: Ochocinco Wants to Race


Washington Redskin wide receivers Brandon Banks and Anthony Armstrong have been playfully arguing about who would win in a race between the two. To settle the dispute, Banks and Armstrong plan to organize a race for a charity soon.

This is where Chad Ochocinco comes in.

Ochocinco, using his fluent second language -- Twitter -- decided to tell Banks and Armstrong that they were both wrong about who is fast. The right answer, according to Ochocinco, is of course, Ochocinco. That's right, folks; just how Ochocinco was faster than a horse, he's faster than Brandon Banks and Anthony Armstrong.

Here's the Twitter conversation:

@MrArmstrong13 I want to race you just becauseless than a minute ago via Rock Software

@ochocinco Join in on me & @bbanks16 race. Gonna do it for charity and bragging rightsless than a minute ago via Plume

@MrArmstrong13 trying to get @ochocinco on the show tonight to talk about a potential race between you 2...who wins?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

@MrArmstrong13 bruh I'll give you a 5 yard head start n still beat you, 60 yards so I have a chance to open up n get my 5 yards backless than a minute ago via Rock Software

@ochocinco to quote you, Child Please!less than a minute ago via Plume

@ochocinco @mrarmstrong13 lol y'all just took me out the race because y'all kno what banks got to offer Speedkillz!!!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

@bbanks16 oh don't think you off the hook,we can race in the 200 on the track, you and @mrarmstrong13 can tag off at 100 meter mark n loseless than a minute ago via Rock Software


Ochocinco was given a 100-meter head-start when he raced the horse. He won that race.

I'm assuming that Banks and Armstrong won't be willing to give Chad more than a football field's length lead before the race starts. Considering that Chad is nine years older than Banks and five years older than Armstrong, he might not be as lucky this time.