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Pregame Open Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (4-11) at Baltimore Ravens (11-4)

First of all, here's hoping that everyone had a great New Years.

The Bengals' 2010 season comes to an end Sunday afternoon, after another (hopefully) conclusion to the team's Wreck Your Team campaign in Baltimore. If the team beats Baltimore to prevent their advancement to the number two seed (provided Pittsburgh loses to Cleveland, which seems a bit unlikely), the Bengals will finish the season with a three-game winning streak; shades of their 2008 season in which the team built momentum for a playoff run the following season. They will also generate hope for some fans, while other fans will disregard the teams' winning streak. Either way, obviously the season will be remembered as a miserable disappointment that most likely will generate a lot of changes during the offseason.

Thankfully this game will be on television for the first time since playing in Pittsburgh on December 12; which is the last loss since the team's two-game winning streak. If you're one of those fans that hasn't seen the team since then, are you looking forward to seeing Bengals?

So this is the final pregame open thread of the season for the Bengals. We'll have more open threads no doubt. But it won't be until August (preseason games) that we have open threads for the Bengals games and that kind of sucks.