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Who Powered Through: Jerome Simpson Rises While The T.Ocho Show Falls

With injury taking out the team's starting wide receivers this season, the Bengals' youth was finally given an opportunity to shine. And shine they did. After spending a majority of his NFL career as one of the team's eight inactive players on gameday, Jerome Simpson Powered Through with a six-reception performance that picked up 124 yards receiving and two touchdowns last Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.

And they just weren't any touchdowns. The first, a 10-yard reception, was typical of an impressive Chad Ochocinco reception during his younger years, allowing his body to go limp just barely getting both feet in bounds. The football, in firm control as soon as his fingers grasped the pigskin, wasn't a problem. Giving the Bengals a 13-point lead, Simpson will remember that touchdown as being the first in his career.

The second touchdown was thanks to Carson Palmer. Noticing that the Chargers weren't ready for the snap, Palmer quickly lined the Bengals up at the line of scrimmage and snapped the football. With cornerback Antoine Cason looking at Palmer at the snap, Simpson sprinted behind Cason and easily hauled in the 59-yard pass, easily scoring a touchdown to give the Bengals a 14-point lead and the eventual win.

After spending the majority of three-seasons on the bench, Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson powered through with an epic performance due to the T.Ocho show being inactive due to injuries. If Simpson's impressive performance continues, the Bengals will have a decision to make. With the team not expected to bring Owens back, they could very well let Ochocinco go, putting all of their hope in a young core of wide receivers for the future.