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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Jermaine Gresham And Chad Ochocinco Are Out

The Bengals will finish the season this Sunday in an effort to complete a three-game winning streak in Baltimore to finish a season that started 2-11 with five wins. And they're doing that with the players that didn't necessarily start the season, like Reggie Nelson, Pat Sims, Carlos Dunlap, Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson, to name a few. Chad Ochocinco isn't expected to make the trip to Baltimore, giving the wide receiver roster of Caldwell, Simpson and Jordan Shipley another opportunity to showcase what they can bring to the team as a unit. The last time that lineup was on the field, the Bengals easily handled the San Diego Chargers 34-20 last weekend.

However, many are looking forward to Sunday's game against Baltimore to make sure Sunday's win over the Chargers wasn't a fluke. Can Jerome Simpson keep rising and will Andre Caldwell finally emerge again since his disappearing act in 2009? Between the two receivers, they've combined for 16 receptions for 330 yards receiving and two touchdowns in the past two games. If both receivers have make another strong impression against the Ravens, we go into the offseason knowing that we might have something. If not, we go into the offseason wondering if we should rebuild the offense around two young receivers who a great two-game performance during a meaningless stretch of games.

Having missed practice all week, Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham is out, as is Chad Ochocinco, who wasn't expected to make the trip to Baltimore due to an injured foot.

QB Dan LeFevour (Third QB) WR David Reed
TE Jermaine Gresham S Tom Zbikowski
WR Chad Ochocinco FB Jason McKie
WR Shay Hodge LB Tavares Gooden
T Kirk Chambers DT Arthur Jones
C Reggie Stephens TE Davon Drew
TE Garrett Mills TE Dennis Pitta
DE Victor Adeyanju DT Lamar Divens